Friday, September 10, 2010

Grand Canyon North Rim

Kristin had seen the Grand Canyon before, but Jason muttered "Holy $hi+" when we got to the rim. The North Rim is cooler with fewer tourists, and the Lodge is a spectacular stone building on the rim, built in the 30's. You can get a beverage and sit on the patio overlooking the amazing landscape as the light changes. We hung out there all evening, and got to learn astrology from George the Ranger, who had a super sweet telescope and a vast knowledge of the sky. He used a laser to point out constellations and stars and clusters, then fixed the scope for us to look. We now need a telescope. Dinner at the lodge was very good, and we hit the hay to get up for sunrise. However, the damn clouds obscured our view, and it started to rain. What do you do in the rain? You hike! We walked down into the canyon on a mule-poop encrusted trail, and the walk fueled Jason to want to come back for a rim-to-rim hike someday. The hike back up? Not so inspiring...huff, huff...gasp, choke...
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Bryce Canyon Fly-by

Pictures to come later... On the way to Bryce, we stopped for a lunch @ a visitors center for Escalante National Monument. J found a brochure for a local artist & gallery. We would have never normally stopped since from the road it looked like a junkyard with a garden. But the brochure was beautiful, and the address was correct...and we were rewarded. A husband and wife share the workhouse, with him making unbelievable wood furniture that is featured internationally as art, and her making archaic Anasazi-style pottery. We couldn't afford a custom piece from him (yet) but we purchased some sweet ceramic bowls. Great find! So Bryce is in between Capitol Reef and Zion NPs. (yeah, We had never heard of these either...) Very cool landscape with thousands of hoodoos. Look it up. Jason is so excited to cross country ski the rim.
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Friday, September 3, 2010

Desert + Orchard?

How cool is this? You roll into a vast rocky landscape, but in the middle by the river are thousands of fruit trees & you just go pick what you season. We did a 4.5 mile uphill hike to an unbelievable 360 degree panorama, then back down, then rewarded ourselves with fresh-picked apples & peaches. The orchards are remnants of the Mormon settlers from the 1800s...saaaa-weeeeeet!!!
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Rattlesnake cakes

After a long but beautiful drive from Jackson, we pulled into Torrey, UT near Capitol Reef NP. Not only is it breathtaking scenery, but it it accompanied by a seriously phenomenal restaraunt called Cafe Diablo. Move over, Alfredo! We sampled delish tapas, and tasted rattlesnake cakes, which weren't bad, especially when smothered in tasty sauces. Dinner was top-notch, but dessert surpassed all...if I could only rub double diablo mousse all over me nightly....aaahhhh.
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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hike, then beer me!

It's still chilly in the Tetons...but so be it. We dressed in layers & drove up the Teton Pass for a gorgeous hike up to Ski Lake. Since we weren't in the park, Noco got to go; she's such a great trail dog. Yesterday, while we were at the Hatchet, we discovered Grand Teton Brew's Organic Au Natural. Deeeeelish! We found out that the brewery is on the other side of the pass, so after our sweet hike, we drove through a light snow to Victor, ID for a rewarding brewery tour & tasting...and this installment is a half-drunk post from their patio...
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Construction company or porn star?

I have nothing to add.
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Grand Tetons

We learned that the Tetons were named by some French-Canadians...the name means "breasts"...apparently the travelers were a bit homesick? It is frickin freezing here! Good thing we packed some warm coats. We stayed at a resort east of the park & spent part of the next day walking around Jackson. The next night we found another little gem called the "Hatchet Resort"..good food, nice rooms. J got a fishing license & we headed up Togwotee Pass thru the world's longest road consruction project. By the time we got to the amazingly gorgeous mountain lake (Brooks Lake), it was almost dark & snowing! J got a few casts in while the dog ran & kp held the pistol for small comfort. It's grizzly land, beeeyotch.
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